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PAP+ Toothpaste vs. “Regular” Toothpaste

In the pursuit of a brighter smile, many of us have explored various teeth whitening options, and one such emerging technique is PAP teeth whitening. While hydrogen peroxide remains a popular choice in teeth whitening treatments, PAP is gaining traction as a safe and effective alternative. If you're curious about PAP teeth whitening and its benefits, this blog post will provide you with all the essential information to make an informed decision.

PAP + Toothpaste

What is PAP Teeth Whitening?

PAP+ Toothpaste powder

PAP, short for phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, is the primary bleaching agent used in several teeth whitening products, such as those offered by SmileGloss. It is a non-peroxide whitening chemical that has been clinically proven to be as effective as hydrogen peroxide in whitening teeth.

Unlike peroxides, which may produce free radicals and potentially harm teeth and gum tissue, PAP oxidizes stains without generating these harmful radicals. Although still relatively new, several companies have developed secure and efficient recipes to incorporate PAP into their teeth whitening solutions.

The Process of PAP Teeth Whitening

The process of PAP teeth whitening is similar to traditional hydrogen peroxide-based whitening. Both chemical and physical bleaching are used, but PAP acts as the primary whitener in place of peroxide. PAP works by altering and breaking down color-retaining molecules in the teeth, resulting in a lighter tooth color. The advantage of PAP lies in its safety, as it does not produce free radicals during the whitening process.

Distinguishing PAP and PAP+

When exploring PAP teeth whitening products, you may encounter the term "PAP+," used by companies like SmileGloss.

The "+" in PAP+ refers to the inclusion of nano-hydroxyapatite (Nano-HAp) in the formula.

Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring calcium apatite compound found in teeth, saliva, and bones, and it aids in remineralizing teeth and bolstering weakened enamel.

SmileGloss's PAP+ formulation uses nano-synthetic technology, which results in smaller particles that more effectively fill in enamel damage. While PAP+ is more successful at remineralizing enamel, it is equally effective at whitening teeth compared to regular PAP products.

Top PAP+ Teeth Whitening Products

1. SmileGloss Whitening Kit:

The SmileGloss PAP+ whitening kit is a top recommendation, containing nano-hydroxyapatite and potassium citrate to help remineralize and desensitize teeth while whitening them. The kit includes a fixed-shape mouth tray, an LED light with a 10-minute timer, six whitening pods, instructions, and a color chart for easy monitoring.

2. SmileGloss PAP+ Whitening Strips:

These whitening strips are a convenient and travel-friendly option, utilizing the PAP+ solution for safe and effective teeth whitening.

3. SmileGloss PAP+ Whitening Powder:

A recent addition to their product range, this whitening powder allows you to turn any toothpaste into a whitening toothpaste by simply dipping your toothbrush into the powder before brushing.

Original Smile Optics PAP+ Toothpaste


PAP teeth whitening is a promising option for achieving a brighter smile without the potential risks associated with peroxide-based treatments. SmileGloss is at the forefront of offering secure and efficient PAP+ whitening solutions, providing a comprehensive range of products to suit different preferences.

Whether you're looking for a complete whitening kit, convenient whitening strips, or a versatile whitening powder, SmileGloss has you covered. Remember that while PAP is not FDA-approved, teeth-whitening products generally fall under cosmetics, which the FDA does not officially approve.

Embrace the power of PAP teeth whitening and unlock the confidence of a radiant smile!



*There is currently limited information available about PAP+ toothpaste. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our research!

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