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Pure Ingredients, backed by science, to create a profound effect.

Organna CBD, scientifically formulated with you in mind



It all starts with safe ingredients. What are we putting into our bodies. Organna CBD sources all of our ingredients from the United States. Each product comes with a verified Certificate of Analysis to show the safety of each one of our products.



From details on individual ingredients used in our formulations to a chain of custody of CBD used in manufacturing is available for review. Nothing to hide here. We know the frustration of finding quality CBD.


science driven.

A frequent question we get all the time is, "Do you have anything stronger?" Organna CBD's formulations maximize bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of a particular compound your body can "absorb" at a time and still have an active effect. Simply put, most CBD brands put wayyyy too much CBD in their formulations. Most of it just going to waste 😢. Start with 10mg/serving and move up from there.

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3rd party lab tested.

100% Reliable. 100% Transparent.

We take Lab Testing Seriously, So you don't have to.

Organna is committed to providing a fully transparent experience when using and researching our ingredients, product sources, laboratory test results and everything in-between. Each Lab result has been performed by a Certified 3rd Party lab and available for your viewing through our COA Database. Keep in mind, a single SKU may have multiple batch numbers. Make sure you enter or look up the Batch ID # that is labeled on your product's label.